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My debut album ‘Out Of The Blue’

After 18 months of recording, listening, re-recording etc.. I’m very happy to announce the arrival of my debut album ‘Out Of The blue’ It’s a collection of songs that I’ve…

Album news update

Well folks, that was a long silence..I’m full steam ahead with my debut album. Have been recording a lot of it at home and will be going into a pro…

Album News

I’m currently working on my debut album & at this stage I’m going through the process of shortlisting songs. I have over 20 contenders of which 12 will be chosen…

Interview With The Cork News

Hello all, check out my recent interview!  

Thanks to everyone for the support last night

Well folks as most of you know, last night we had the Christie Hennessy Song competition. I took to the stage with my Lowden guitar in hand and played a…

Christie Hennessy Song Competition

The morning of the night of the Christie Hennessy song competition has arrived with blue skies and sunshine. Very excited and can’t wait to play my new Lowden guitar..


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